Razor Pro XX Scooter Review in 2021

The Razor Pro XX Scooter is a perfect choice for the scooter rider who is ready for competition and tricks. This scooter offers so much more than the little kiddie scooters that are on the market today. Razor has done a nice job making this scooter safe, durable, and easy to maneuver for those tricky competition-style moves. Children and their parents have been very happy with the products that Razor makes, especially the more expensive and durable ones.

Razor Pro XX Designed by Professional Riders

The Razor Pro XX was designed and tested by the professional riders at Team Razor. They designed it to be an ideal machine for those who are just starting in the competition circuit. They chose aluminum construction material because it is durable and lightweight. They also decided to install a fixed handlebar and rigid down tube to maximize durability and professional styling. You can take this scooter out of the box and start riding it like a pro. After riding a low price, casual scooter, you will see the difference in the construction and materials used for this trick scooter.

Light Weight and Durable

The strength that is added to this scooter makes it an excellent choice for any rider looking to go to the next level. The head tube has a double-stacked head clamp and the rubber grips are professional grade, too. This makes Razor Pro XX last through the toughest workouts on the pavement and at the skate parks. The other riders will be very envious of the scooter and the lightweight materials that make it ideal for competition-style tricks and rides.

High-Quality Materials

Not only is the aluminum construction durable, but the pros at Team Razor chose aircraft-grade aluminum to complement the 110 mm 14-spoke wheels high-grade urethane wheels that are made with RZR Pro 20 bearings. This sophisticated design will certainly make you stand out as a rider at the park and on the pavement. Even the Razor Pro XX wheels are designed to last a long time on the rough pavement and hot skate park terrain. You will not have to replace them as often as you would on a lower-priced scooter.

Strong Deck and Thoughtful Design

The Razor Pro XX deck is a double TIG-welded deck that is incredibly strong to support the rider and the 110mm compatible fork designed so you can whip the scooter all around the park. You can run this scooter through a battery of use and even some abuse and it will stay strong for you. When the professional designers and riders at Razor started to work on this scooter, they listened to seven years’ worth of comments and ideas from riders just like you, and that helped them design the perfect competitive and durable scooter. The 4-inch wide deck is perfect for customizing with your favorite colored deck tape and other design elements.

Confident Comfort

Riders will feel very comfortable and confident on this scooter because of the rubberized grips that will keep your palms from getting ripped up on the freestyle tricks you practice at the park. The rear brake system will help you stop and do more tricks. The head tube is made from a reinforced double stack for extra strength. The grip tape on the deck will keep your feet on the deck. You will feel safe and secure on this little ride; no matter what type of trick you do and what air you get, you will not lose control of the Razor Pro XX.

Solid Construction

This professional and competitive grade scooter does not fold up, because that weakens the durability. Razor Pro XX is a top-notch scooter for top-notch riders. It is recommended for riders who are at least 8 years old and who weigh under 220 pounds. The scooter itself only weighs a pound and is 26.2 inches tall, 15.2 inches long, and 4.3 inches wide. While you are practicing, you will be surprised at how light and easy to maneuver this little scooter is.

Amazon Price Discounts

There are more expensive scooters on the market, but for an entry-level trick scooter, Razor Pro XX will last. Some users prefer to add their handle grips just because they like the extremely soft ones. The nice thing about scooters like this is that certain things can be customized. Razor makes bearing if you want to change up the wheels. The deck can also be customized with colorful deck tape or other decorations.

The scooter is a great choice for anyone who loves to ride around on two wheels. Since the Razor Pro XX scooter does not fold up, it may not be the best choice for the child who likes to ride to school and store the scooter in his locker.

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